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Buy a man and dance! Fundraiser to benefit the Women and Children in Crisis.

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Download event posters (6.3 MB PDF). Print them, put them on your fridge or on your bathroom mirror, mark the date in your calendar, and prepare yourself for a wild day and an even wilder night of fun in Talkeetna.

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2007 Press Release
The Talkeetna Bachelor Society announces the resurrection of its annual winter fundraiser benefiting women and children in crisis. Our first going out of business sale was so successful, we’ve decided to do it again. The 22nd Annual Wilderness Woman Contest and the 27th Annual Bachelor Auction and Ball will take place Saturday, December 1st, 2007 in beautiful downtown Talkeetna. Thanks to a group of cold footed and warm hearted bachelors, accompanied by the new leadership of two na´ve and enthusiastic volunteers, these festive and uniquely Alaskan events will continue. Like the persistent bachelors who fearlessly brave the auction block year after year, and the rugged women who haul buckets of water down a frozen Main Street in sub zero temperatures, these events just won’t quit. Yes, we said last year was the last year, but bachelors exaggerate. So let’s just say we’ve lost our lease again -- all sales are final, everything must go.

Could You Say That Again, Slowly?
The Society cordially invites All Single Ladies, 21 years of age and older to compete in the 22nd Annual Wilderness Woman Contest, Saturday, December 1st, 2007 high noon, or thereabout, in Talkeetna, Alaska. Single ladies will demonstrate their proficiency at a variety of vital skills necessary for daily living on the Last Frontier such as water-fetching, beverage opening, and ‘ptarmigan’ shooting. After a late afternoon nap, the fun starts back up at 7:00 pm at the VFW Hall for the 27th Annual Bachelor Auction, when it’s the bachelors turn to entertain the ladies and vie for their favor. The ladies in attendance may purchase, at fair market value, a feisty bachelor to accompany them at the 27th Annual Bachelor Ball, to be held at 10:00 pm at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar. Each bachelor promises a drink, a dance, and, of course, honorable intentions.

What Will You Do With All That Money?
All proceeds benefit the Talkeetna Bachelor Society Fund for Women & Children in Crisis (administered by Sunshine Community Health Center), Sunshine Station Child Care Center, the Denali Arts Council, KTNA Community Radio, the Talkeetna Youth Hockey Association and Talkeetna Elementary School as well as other community needs and projects.

Like Snowflakes, Each Bachelor is One-of-a-Kind
They come from all walks of life, including mechanics, firemen, loggers, pilots, miners, guides, businessmen, carpenters, geologists, teachers and more. And hey, let’s not forget the unemployed. Bachelors range in age from 21 to 70. And you won’t find these products on eBay, they do things the old-fashioned way – a “Male Order Catalog”, with a tongue-in-cheek biography and photo of the 2007-08 members, will be available for purchase from the Society.

More on Wilderness Women
The Wilderness Woman Contest was added in 1984 to select the lady who best exemplified the traits most desired by a Wilderness Man. A sense of humor is highly recommended -- it’s largely satire, but the competition and prizes are real enough. Single women 21 years of age and older compete in multiple timed events which change a little from year to year. Fame and fortune awaits the woman with fastest overall time in:

  • The preparation and delivery of a sandwich and a beer to a bachelor
  • Gather firewood and deposit it near a bonfire
  • A 100-yard dash to a simulated creek to fill water buckets, and return with them full
  • Drive a snow machine around a small pre-designed course
  • Catch a ‘salmon’, shoot a latex ‘ptarmigan’, and saw a birch round
  • Evade, then dispatch, a ‘moose’ which is behaving like a lonely bachelor

Let’s Buy Men and Dance
The Bachelor Auction and Ball are held in the evening, following the Wilderness Woman Contest. Only single ladies 21 years of age and older and members of the Society are allowed inside the auction room. Robert Forgit, Anchorage broadcast meteorologist and reporter, and local Talkeetna celebrity Marne Gunderson will emcee the Auction. From the get-go, the bachelors attempt, with varying degrees of success, to impress the ladies with their talent and style. Winning bidders are entitled to a photo, a drink and a dance with their bachelor; anything else is strictly up to the parties involved. After the Auction, during the Bachelor Ball, the Wilderness Woman is crowned. The Ball is open to anyone old enough to participate - up to the limit of the dance floor.

Where Have I Seen You Before
These events have been featured on the Game Show Network, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, various Belgian, German, Dutch, British and other international TV and radio programs. Articles have been written about them in People Magazine, GQ Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine (Paris edition) as well as numerous other publications and newspapers. The Anchorage Daily News featured the Auction on its front page after last year’s events. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno sent up a film crew last year, but decided the footage was simply too hilarious to use.

It is with great pride that the Talkeetna Bachelor Society announces that the show must and will go on. Mark your calendars, book passage and lodging, and come to participate in or chronicle the 32nd Annual Talkeetna Bachelor Auction on Saturday, December 1st, 2012.

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  Wilderness Woman Contest and Bachelor Auction and Ball. Annual fundraising event in December. Let's party!