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Buy a man and dance! Fundraiser to benefit the Women and Children in Crisis.

Wilderness Woman Contest

Are you ready for the 28th Annual Bachelor Auction and Ball?Many a guide has told the joke. "What does an Alaskan man want? — A woman and a truck, that both work."
In the spirit of this humor, the Talkeetna Bachelor Society birthed the Wilderness Woman Contest. Women are asked to drive, or fly, many miles to show men that women can do all the work.

Local and visiting ladies can sign up beginning at 10:00 am, at The Fairview Inn on the day of the event. The event starts at 12:00 pm sharp. A sense of humor is highly recommended -- it’s largely satire, but the competition and prizes are real enough. Be prepared to compete in multiple timed events which change a little from year to year. There is an outline of the event under the slideshow.

The first round is a qualifier, in which, three or four women at a time run 100 yards with empty buckets to a ‘creek’, and return the same distance with full buckets. If any water is spilled, time is added. The five fastest finishers advance.

In the second round, women are asked to prepare a sandwich and open a beer for a lounging bachelor, and then head out into the ‘woods’. The five finalists must put on snowshoes, and move from field to stream while shooting a latex ‘ptarmigan’, sawing a small piece off of a birch round, snagging a salmon, and evading a lonely ‘moose’.

Round three measures the five finalists snow machine skills. Each woman must fill a sled with split wood, then tow it by snow machine and feed the wood into a bonfire, around which bachelors tell lousy stories.

All three rounds are timed. After penalty times, if any, are added, the three times are combined, and the woman with the fastest cumulated time wins. There are some great prizes for the top three finishers, but most women do it for the love of the game.

What's a charity weekend without prizes for athletic and auction
Wilderness Woman Contest winners have received anything
from gold nuggets to free flights to Hawaii and London. Second and
third place finishers take home an assortment of hardware ranging from
handmade fur hats and bear claw necklaces to free lodging, meals and
activities provided by businesses in Talkeetna.

WHAT? -- The Wilderness Woman Contest
WHO? -- Single women 21 years of age, and up
WHERE? -- Main Street, Downtown Talkeetna, Alaska
WHEN? -- Sign Up at 10:00 am. Starts at NOON, Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 2016.

Wilderness Woman Contest

Wilderness Women Contest in Talkeetna

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  Wilderness Woman Contest and Bachelor Auction and Ball. Annual fundraising event in December. Let's party!